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BB Africa: Nando is Disqualified

After breaking the rules relating to violence and provocation, tonight (Sunday July 28) saw Big Brother The Chase housemate Nando disqualified from the 91 day reality show. This season Big Brother has been issuing strikes to housemates for inappropriate behavior with three strikes resulting in disqualification from the game. The 22-year-old from Tanzania was issued a first strike in week five of the show for carrying a knife to a Big Brother party.

Following an altercation with fellow housemate Elikem late on Friday night, today Big Brother issued two more strikes against him – one for provocation and one for concealing a pair of scissors in his bed after the argument. With three strikes, Big Brother tonight disqualified Nando from the game. For his part in Friday’s altercation, Elikem was also issued a strike by Big Brother, his first in the game. Given that M-Net and show producers Endemol, are committed to ensuring the safety of all housemates in the Big Brother house, they view such incidents in a serious light and will continue to take the necessary actions against housemates who break the strict rules prohibiting violence in the Big Brother house.


Bassey and Pokello’s Evictions tonightmean that Zimbabwe and Sierra Leone are officially out of The Chase. Sierra Leone’s Bassey and ZimbabweanPokello became the 15th and 16th Chasemates to leave the game. Bassey was put up for possible Eviction by Ethiopia’s Bimp after removing his own head from the chopping block.

The exit of Zimbabwe and Sierra Leone follows shortly after Malawi, Angola and Uganda.

This means that only Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria and Zambia still have their teams intact. Botswana, Ethiopia, Namibia and South Africa still have one Chasemate in the running for the much coveted USD 300 000.

Big Brother The Chase is an individual game but because Housemates represent different African countries, it becomes difficult to divorce the two.

At this stage of the game, it is time to go for your favourite Housemate – the best player of the game. The one that understands the game the best and entertains you the most. The Chasemates were warned by IK to Nominate wisely.

The sound of love: - ONEAL & FEZA’S relationship is stronger than ever.

Oneal and Feza’s relationship is stronger than ever, from the looks of things.

Oneza have had some ups and downs in their courtship but now it seems that whatever differences they may have had have finally been resolved. Earlier this evening during his Diary session the Ruby lad told Biggie that he feels content in his relationship.

And for most of the night the Ruby lovebirds have spent the evening looking adorable together while merrily chirping harmoniously in song together. 
The professional disc jockey and his performer girlfriend were the picture of happiness as they belted out a medley of love songs while the Tswana fellow tenderly brushed her face as the Tanzanian looked up at him adoringly. Talk about cuteness overload!

So clearly that awkward Rendezvous date that they shared last Saturday in fact helped bring them closer together. Good for you Oneza.
Are you happy to see Oneza looking so in love? And do you think the happiness will last between them?


Evictions: Selly and Natasha given the boot!

After seven weeks of entertaining Africa and their fellow Chasemates with sexy dance moves, cleaning and brawls,Selly and Natasha’s luck has finally run out.

This stunning news seemed to take the Chasemates off guard. Why wouldn’t it considering that Natasha has been saved from the Eviction gallows many times by Africa’s vote.

The Malawian’s final Diary Session earlier this evening was more than cryptic. “Sometimes your luck runs out”, she said. And sadly, it has! All the pretty Malawian could do when she heard the news was to look on in bewilderment. Clearly her cleaning strategy, nor her fun Airtel Show could save her.

Selly on the other hand had to contend with the bewilderment of hearing Oneal had savedElikem and put her neck on the chopping block instead. Before she had even had a chance to process that information, IK called curtains on her Chase race.

This Eviction caps a difficult week in the game for the Ghanaian, who has had to navigate treacherous waters in both the Ruby and Diamond Houses, following a massive fight with former love interest, Sulu. Luckily the two buried the hatchet when Sulu told her “When other people saw rubbish, you looked at me and saw something precious”. Before the dust had settled following her swap to the Diamond House on Friday, Selly and former flame, Nando, had a brawl of epic proportions.

Nevertheless, after all is said and done, the two gorgeous divas have a lot to be proud of. Reaching and exceeding The Chase’s halfway mark is no ordinary feat.

Nando and I only kissed; we didn’t have sex – Selly speaks

Selorm (Selly) Ghalley, Ghanaian representative in the ongoing Big Brother Africa (The Chase) reality show has denied having sex with Tanzanian housemate Nando.

A video about Selly and Nando getting cosy and sexually intimate surfaced on the internet about two weeks ago on Day 27 of the show, sparking controversy the two may have had sex.

The two were in bed and under the sheets, in a movement that gave indication the housemates may have gotten into each other.

Since then, the Ghanaian media has been inundated with news of the alleged sexual intercourse between the two, forcing Selly’s mother, Madam Benedicta Galley to wade into the controversy, stating that her daughter never had sex with the Tanzanian.

But during a discussion with fellow Ghanaian Elikem and South African Angelo ahead of the eviction show Sunday night, Selly disclosed that she “liked Nando but it didn’t work so I am moving on.”

Addressing rumours in the house that she had sex with Nando, Selly said although she once confronted the Tanzanian on the matter, she was ready to confront him again.

According to her, she did not want to believe that Nando was behind the false rumours.

Selly however admitted that they kissed and added that she will be mad if Nando was behind the false rumour.

The Ghanaian beauty, who is now in the Rubies house, blamed the Diamond housemates for always propagating false rumours in the house.
story from http://entertainment.myjoyonline.com


Tonight Africa has bid farewell to Zimbabwe’s Hakeem.
Tears and screams echoed in both Houses as the Zimbabwean made an emotional exit from the Big Brother House.

Just a few moments after the hunky model learned that he had been put up for Eviction by HoH Melvin; he then learned that he is the latest Housemate to be Evicted from The Chase.

Melvin was inconsolable and couldn’t believe that Africa hadn’t saved the Zimbabwean. “Forgive me father,” he kept muttering. But Hakeem tenderly hugged his Nigerian buddy and the rest of the Diamonds before he kissed his girl Cleo goodbye and then joined IK and Fatima on stage.

Over the past few weeks the Diamond dude has found himself becoming a regular on the Nominations list and he managed to scrape through by the skin of his teeth over and over again.

This week had looked to be the Zimbabwean’s lucky week. He managed to win himself the Head of House chieftainship on Friday. This week was a 7th heaven for him as he got to play the role of a loving husband to his real life lover Cleo as part of the Wedding Task. At the Task Presentation on Thursday the two had an emotionally charged Wedding ceremony that saw the Diamond fellow bring his woman to tears with a sweet serenade. But tonight his luck finally ran out.
With Hakeem out of the The Chase what will become of his lady love Cleo? And who will be the new HoH in the Diamond House?

Eviction: Bolt and Maria out of The Chase

Bolt and Maria were the weakest link this week, they are out of The Chase and heading home. Bolt followed shortly after his lady love Betty, who was Evicted in Week 4 while Maria didn’t even know she was replaced and up for Eviction. Ouch!

Maria, who has never been under the Nomination knife was replaced by Diamond HoH Nando earlier this week, saving his own head. You could see that Maria was shocked but like a true lady she carried herself with confidence and poise.

Big man Bolt, was as stunned but he probably saw this Eviction coming considering that he had dodged it at least three times thanks to Betty and Melvin. Seems like Bolt’s luck has now run out and the Housemates will have to do without their resident bully.

But it’s like Nando had said in his Diary Session, that when a fellow Chasemate is Evicted it only hurts for all of five minutes, they talk about how much of a shock it was and then life goes on. The same will be done for both Maria and Bolt. Life will definitely go on.

Last most viewed video of bolt & betty making love inside the bathroom


kenyan BBA housemate annabels bathroom video

Pokello and Elikem fight

Pokello stormed off in a huff following an hour long fight with Elikem.

Uh oh! Looks like there could be trouble in paradise. Following two weeks of flirting and being generally “as thick as thieves” Pokello and Elikem got into a heated spat this evening. Elikem told Pokello “You act like you care about others but in truth all you care about is yourself. You’re being judgmental”, amongst many other loaded statements.

Pokello did not back down either and gave as much as she was given. “I’m giving you my own opinion. As far as I know, there’s nothing wrong with voicing out how I feel”, she said.

When Elikem told Pokello “If we go on and I have to keep explaining myself, I’m going to mention certain things that you will not be happy about, so let’s change the subject”, the Zimbabwean decided she had had it with the conversation, stood to her feet, picked up her blanket and walked away in a huff.
An upset Elikem stayed rooted to the spot and didn’t want to talk to anyone. After a while, he found Pokello, who was seething, in the garden and tried to explain himself.

What do you think could have caused such a huge fight?


Tonight is indeed a sad day for Betty. The gorgeous Ethiopian was all set to win not only a cool USD 300 000, but also a sexy Sierra Leonean man, as the icing on the cake.

Unfortunately, all those dreams have come crashing down like a deck of cards. Not only is Betty leaving her fellow Housemates behind, but she is also bidding adieu to the man she fell in love with as soon as she walked into the Big Brother House. Starting immediately, Bolt goes back to being single and will have no one to fawn over him like a hen in the Ruby House.

How Bolt will survive without his lady love keeping his bed warm at night remains to be seen. However, judging by the looks of anguish as Betty was Evicted; Bolt is in for one lonely road ahead.

When Betty’s Eviction was announced, Bolt looked shell shocked. The Sierra Leonean’s mouth flew open as he tried to make sense of what had just happened.

He held on tightly and kissed her passionately for the last time, as Betty was quickly whisked to the Eviction doors.




Nominations: Rubies want Elikem and Pokello out!

Today is Nominations Day and the Rubies were not ready with their Nominations, despite being told that they’d be this morning. Biggie was also unimpressed with Housemates taking their time to get to the Diary Room.

When the Nominations eventually began,Elikem was the first to Nominate Malawian ‘gossip’ Natasha and he justified his Nomination by saying that Natasha is trying too hard to please everybody all of a sudden. His second nomination,Pokello, came as a complete shock as he tried to under play the fact that he doesn’t like that she’s not giving in to his blatant charms. Instead his reason was that Pokello is playing for TV and she’s hot and cold half the time. So Elikem nominated his love interest because she wasn’t complying to his way of doing things. You need to learn to relax Elikem.

With four Nominations, Natasha seemed to be fast approaching the end of her road as the Housemates complained that she’s trying to build alliances by whispering into people’s ears therefore most of her fellow Housemates feel that she can’t be trusted.

A close second in Nominations, with five votes, was Zimbabwe’s Pokello who has been very condescending lately and she has an attitude towards most of her Housemates. Ever since Elikem moved in with the Rubies, Pokello and Elikem had spent a lot of time together. You would think that her attitude towards her Housemates would have changed for the better but it hasn’t and the Housemates are tired of her holier-than-thou attitude.

Elikem and his player ways was also the topic in many sessions in the Diary Room and now the Housemates have had it with him. Feza told Biggie that Elikem is not being true to himself and consequentially, his Housemates. Angelo felt that Elikem couldn’t be trust because he has also been trying to get people to vote for certain people and that didn’t go down well with the South African choreographer. Oneal agreed with Angelo and added that he’s guilty by being associated with Pokello and that neither one of them can be trusted. Elikem seems to be losing friends very fast, especially now that he’s trying to be with Pokello. He also had five votes.

Cleo finally made it to Nominations, thanks to Bassey who simply told Biggie that she’s never been nominated and so she should feel what everyone else has been feeling. He also admitted that she is a strong character and could be a threat. As if she knew who Bassey had voted for, Cleo Nominated Bassey as well, purely because he can save himself as the HoH.

Fatima also had a few votes but there wasn’t reason enough to Nominate her except that she was new in the Ruby House and she hasn’t opened up to a lot of her Housemates.Sulu did say, however, that she has an attitude towards him and he doesn’t know where that might root from. Oddly enough Fatima also Nominated Sulu saying that he was obnoxious and a bit irritating.

The Pokello-Selly case in Court

The issue of speaking in vernacular has escalated to extreme heights. Selly andElikem had been speaking in their language and Pokello didn’t like this much. This caused even more conflict in the House because nobody knew what they were saying and most importantly, who they were talking about.

Already Selly and Pokello had pending beef, so this took things over the top hence HoH Bassey decided to call everyone into the room to try help resolve the matter between the two Housemates. Things were so bad between them that they had resorted to not talking to one another, this was one of Bassey’s main concerns, hence the Ruby intervention.

Selly explained to everyone that she had tried to apologize to Pokello for spilling alcohol on her at the party but she felt that Pokello still hasn’t forgiven her for that. Selly also felt that Pokello has a problem with her and Elikem being close, period. The confusion is that Pokello is not forthcoming with her feelings for Elikem because she has a man back home but she still wants to have him close, that’s the problem Selly has with Elikem.

Pokello defended herself by saying that what she and Elikem get up to is nobody’s business and that she forgave Selly for spilling alcohol on her but she failed to understand why she had to speak in her language when everybody knows not to speak their languages. This of course was a valid point and exactly what Biggie was telling them in their Diary Sessions earlier on.

The jury that Bassey put together helped mediate the situation but they seem to have failed because the two ladies were still not trying to be friends with one another but will try to be civil towards each other. It was all too much, too soon I guess.


Ruby House dancing Queen and now notorious rabble-rouser, Selly, was on the receiving end of a severe talking to by Big Brother this evening. In case you missed it, the Ghanaian stunned her fellow Housemates and viewers alike during the Channel O party on Saturday night, whenshe dumped a glass full of alcohol over Pokello’s head with absolutely no provocation that would warrant such.

This evening, Big Brother called all the Rubies, who have talked about the incident in hushed tones since it happened, to the lounge to hand out his punishment. Deafening silence descended over the House as full, uncut footage of the incident was beamed into the House. The culprit, Selly, looked on in what looked to be sheer agony and embarrassment as she was exposed for all to see.

When asked to explain herself in the Diary Room, a panic-stricken Selly told Big Brother she delivered her golden booze shower because Pokello is a good dancer. “I poured alcohol over Pokello’s head to show her that she was really dancing well. I didn’t do it to provoke her because we get along. I realised later that she didn’t find it amusing. We have spoken about it and I have apologised”, she said. Selly went on to reveal how she does the same in Ghana when her friends excel on the dance floor.

When Selly emerged from the Diary Room to apologise once again, Pokello told her “It’s okay. Don’t worry about it”. Take a look at the footage below and share your thoughts. Was Selly giving props or was she trying to stir up trouble?

Pokello and Elikem get close
The Ghanaian Housemate has moved on quickly from his little flirtation with Malawi’sFatima, only three days after being moved to the Ruby House. In the early hours of this morning, the serial bed hopper, decided to make a play forPokello. He slid into her bed and woke her up for a sexy little chat. Pokello obliged and the two started whispering sweet nothing’s into each other’s ears.

Some of their fellow Housemates have started talking in hushed tones about the chemistry between Pokello and Elikem. Natasha, who is never afraid of a challenge, decided to confront Elikem and Pokello about their connection. “Pokello, you’ve changed so much since Elikem came into this House. All you used to do was sleep and now you’re up so late”, she said.

Pokello quickly dismissed Natasha and told her there was nothing sinister between herself and Elikem. Elikem is a bit of a smooth operator. He has flirted with almost every girl in the game but hasn’t tied himself down to one special girl.

In the first week of The Chase, he was Feza’s favourite bedmate. Last week, he and Fatima heated things up under the covers and this week, he and Pokello seem to be kick-starting something that will be talked about for a long time to come. Let’s not forget the undeniable chemistry he has with Selly. On Saturday night during the party, Selly poured a glass full of alcohol on Pokello’s head. Could the common denominator be Elikem and his love for the ladies?


Big Brother Africa housemates discussion:- Does the use of condoms in relationship testify true love or fake love?


Hakeem, Fatima, Bolt and Biguesasstood in the middle of the Diamond kitchen trying to understand why LK4and Koketso were evicted from the House tonight.

Bolt said that Biggie once asked him in the Diary room, why his Housemates were stubborn when it came to adhering to House rules and of course Bolt was able to tell Biggie what he wanted to hear because he himself didn’t know why this was the case. Little did he know that Biggie might have been referring to Koketso and LK4.

Biguesas fully understood where Biggie’s question to Bolt came from. He told them that Biggie constantly had to tell Koketso and LK4 to either unmute their microphones or make sure that they were on properly. This is where he thinks their evictions would have rooted from. This might have not been entirely the reason they were evicted but it played a huge part in getting them out of the House.

It seems the Diamonds are slowly realizing that ignoring House rules can have dire consequences that they wouldn’t want to be faced with and it also seems that LK4 and Koketso might have experienced this the hard way. Fatima ended the conversation by advising the other three to stick to what Biggie tells them from now on otherwise they might also find themselves out of The Chase.

sex tape video of big brother representative Pokello spreading so fast in social websites.

The Big Brother Africa Zimbabwean rep, Pokello s£xtap£ has finally surfaced. The video features the BBA rep and her fellow countryman Desmond Chideme aka Stunner indulge in an unprot£ct£d hardcor£ s£x.

The couple made the video in the home they shared in the Harare suburb of Avondale using Chideme’s iPhone, which falls over during a particularly passionate moment and appears to be righted by Nare.

At the end of the clip, the couple then kiss for the camera.
Like other South Africans who have received the video on instant messaging service Whatsapp, Big Brother Africa broadcaster M-Net knows all about the video clip.

The channel’s head of communications, Lani Lombard, said: “Yes, she did disclose it to the show’s selection team.” She added that the clip’s existence would have no effect on her participation in the reality show.
“As long as participants meet the entry criteria, they are eligible to enter, irrespective of whether they already have a public profile,” said Lombard.

#BBATheChase Day 6: Ruby’s “Craziest” Housemates got dirty last night (Photos + video)

While some of the Ruby’s housemates were chilling out in the tub, Nigeria’s Beverly and Uganda’s Denzel got dirty on the dance floor with erotic dance moves that you may not have ever since outside the bedroom. See photos.
Would you disagree or agree that Ruby had the craziest set of housemates?

Evictions: Denzel and Huddah out from big brother Africa chase 2013

After only a week in the House, Huddah and Denzel have been sent packing!

This evening, quirky Uga ndan Denzel and pretty Huddah from Kenya, became the first two Housemates to be Evicted from the game. The pretty Kenyan had emerged as a rather strong personality, as evidenced by her candid Diary Sessions, where she held no prisoners.

Denzel on the other hand, proved to be a colourful character who entertained his fellow Housemates and viewers alike with his zany antics. We doubt his penis avatar will be forgotten anytime soon. This evening’s Evictions proved to be rather taxing emotionally, not only for Huddah and Denzel, but also for Ruby Head of House Beverly and Diamonds Head of House, Feza. The two had to stand in front of their fellow Housemates to reveal their respective ‘Save and Replace’ decisions.

You could almost hear a pin drop as a deafening hush fell over the lounge when Feza stood to her feet to reveal her swap. When she finally revealed she had put Betty up for possible Eviction, the Ethiopian pulled a face and seemed to take it in her stride. Over in the Ruby House, the tears flowed freely after Bev revealed her swap. Clearly, being HoH isn’t as glamorous as many people think it is.

When Denzel was told of his fate by Live Show host IK, the Ugandan gave a defeated smile and quickly made a beeline for the Eviction doors. When it was revealed that Huddah was on the first flight back home, Huddah cried bucket loads of tears. Her love interest, Angelo was left shell shocked.

All he could do was sit with his mouth half open in disbelief.





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